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  • Overweight animals: serious problems



    We know that being overweight can lead to serious problems. We therefore recommend DIGI to stimulate liver functions.

    There are many factors that prevent the optimal functioning of the liver (stress, pollution, food, etc.). We tend to forget it, but the liver is a key organ in weight loss because it is involved in the digestion of fat. When the animal eats more than he should, the liver produces and stores too much fat. Toxines and other wastes build up, reducing the function of the liver. From there, weight gain occurs. The excess fat in the body is responsible for cardiovascular disease, liver disease or even cirrhosis. Detoxification allows the liver to regain its ability to increase metabolism and thereby promote weight loss.

    TOXY could be added, because knowing the health risks associated with being overweigth can also help the kidneys to better filter waste. It is thus possible to preserve cardiac and circulatory functions and then accelerate weight loss.

    If the animal is judged to be nervous or anxious, working on this point with PEASY can go a long way in helping to achieve faster results.