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Signs and symptoms of your pet's anxiety

Here are some signs and symptoms of your pet's anxiety:

Most of the time, what will cause stress in an animal is a change in its life. This change may be due to:

- A move so live in a new place,
- the arrival of a new animal or person at home,
- be saved from the streets and have to adapt to domestic life,
- your pet spends too much time alone at home or does not spend enough time.

All this can generate frustration, anxiety and nervousness in him. He can then develop behaviors that harm his mental state.

It usually manifests it by:

- barking or meowing very often, very loudly and for anything.
- having acts of destruction: he destroys furniture or plants and, in most cases, any object of the house which is within his reach.
- demonstrating hyperactivity: strong reaction to everything and randomly moves around the house for no reason. - defecating in inappropriate places.
- often licking themselves, which can, in some cases, cause injury.
- showing aggression with other animals. (This symptom appears mostly in dogs that have not been used to interacting with other dogs.)

For all the symptoms mentioned, it is the nervous system that is involved, your pet has probably experienced a small nervous shock related to some episode.

When stress kicks in, animals gradually become intoxicated. The toxins and the acid they secrete get in the way and affect the functions of brain cells. This causes tension in the nerves of the nervous system and the nervous system subsequently becomes dysfunctional.

The product ✨PEASY✨ helps to cleanse and nourish the cells and nerves of the nervous system. It will allow the animal to better manage periods of stress and anxiety and the nervous system to resume its good functions.

Do you notice one or more of the symptoms named above?

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