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During 3 years, I went back and forth to the vet to find a solution to my Spanish cat problem. She scratched, nibbled, and irritated her skin to the point of blood. She also vomited sometimes and I knew she was not feeling well. We had drugs to give her and creams to put on her skin, it helped a bit but it kept coming back.

Since the beginning of January, I have given her Digi and Toxy products recommended by Normand. A few days later, I noticed some nice changes and today, 2 weeks later, everything is gone! She purrs like she has never done in 13 years. I am SO happy!

Thank you for everything you do for our animals..

- Marc

My dogs have been improving for a few weeks now. They have always been very nervous, overweight and have a small failure in the kidneys.

In the first 3 weeks, after starting the products, there was no difference but I would say, that around the 4th week they started to digest better and being more calm. They sleep better at night, their breathing has returned to normal and they are no longer restless. I notice they have a little more energy too. That's why I placed a second order of products (DIGI, TOXY and PEASY). I am very satisfied.

Thank you very much for the follow-up and I continue to update you.


Here in the picture: Nefer and Tieta, the twin sisters. (They are 11 years old)

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My Pug is doing much better, he has regained his energy as a young 3 year old dog (he is 5 and a half years old). It digests well, it loses much less hair. I am very satisfied with your products and I do not hesitate to suggest them to people who have problems with certain ailments in their dogs.

Thank you!

- Élisa

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I notice a big change in Tara, my 11 year old dog. She no longer cries at night for joint pain, walks at a faster pace and has more vitality. The bad breath in her mouth is gone, along with the tartar too.

Thank you, I am very satisfied with your products and tell those who have animals in my area.

(She took the products; Dolores, Toxy and Arturo!)

- Guylaine

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Hello! I just want to thank you for your advice for my cat. I am really very satisfied with the Peasy product. My cat had stopped going to the litter box and was still in hiding after the dog was adopted.

Thanks to Peasy, he is playful, comes out of his hiding place and has started his more normal life again! I recommend your products without hesitation!

Here is a photo of the culprit as a bonus 😊


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This is our friend Wallace, who had skin problems, allergies, lick and scratch constantly for 3 years. After all the possible trials of shampoos, drugs, specialty nails, etc., nothing worked.

With the DIGI, TOXY and PEASY products, its hairs grow back, it no longer licks itself, it does not scratch any more, and this after 3 weeks!

I've been told that by detoxifying her system, toxins are no longer excreted through her skin (which is irritating and itchy), but rather as they should, from the inside out, through the liver and kidneys. Wow !!!

Thank you Phyto Ani-Maux!

- Katherine

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My "Tie-BB" cat had already had periods of vomiting in the past, the vet said she had gastro, it ended up going alone ...

For 2 weeks she had been throwing up several times a day, she had less energy, slept all the time, and it was not improving at all.

I decided to trust Phyto Ani-Maux, we gave her the Digi and Fabio products and in 3 days she had completely stopped throwing up!

I found it fantastic, quick and easy to give it to him.

Thank you so much!

- Émilie



My dog Joker hadn't had a real molt for 3 years (quite special for a Siberian husky)

He only had undercoat. A year ago, he had emergency surgery and his stomach hair still hasn't grown back..

During the use of the DIGI and TOXY products, I noticed that on her stomach hair was growing! 😊

A few days before the end of the products, he started a real moult. The moult is still not finished ...

Will his hair grow back? I can't wait to see the rest.

Thank you for letting me discover your products.

I plan to try more of your products!

- Maryse



We tried the Toxy and Digi combo and wow!

So much change in just a week! I can see my dogs digest better and have more energy!

Thank you Phyto Ani-Maux for helping our animals to have a better life with natural products.

These are must-have products now for us.

Photos: MFS Photographe

- Marianne


Cali has been receiving her Phyto Ani-Maux treatments for about ten days now and we are already very satisfied!

We find her more relaxed in the house, less stressed with the other dogs.

It is now an indispensable product for us.

We are proud to support a Quebec company that has the well-being of our animals at heart.

- Audrey Ann Marien (Twowildsouls)




My dog Daisy had an anxiety problem, she was chomping and barking a lot for nothing. She had to be isolated in a single room when we were away. But since our consultation with Stéphanie from Phyto Ani-Maux, we have started giving her Peasy. Since then, our beautiful Daisy has changed enormously. She is now free in the house at all times and barks less and less. We finally found a solution so that our beautiful Daisy could live in '' Peasy '' mode.

Thank you Phyto Ani-Maux 😁

-Mel, Jé et Alexis



Hello !

Our 13 year old Buddy dog had difficulty walking. He was no longer playful due to a joint problem and arthritis making life difficult for him. We have heard of Phyto Ani-Maux products.

And since the start of the "treatments" he is much better. He started to walk again and even to run. He regained his zest for life that he had lost with the pain. We give him, every day, Dolores and Arturo. We would not change for the world, this winning formula.😉

Thank you very much Phyto Ani-Maux !!!!!

-The Flibotte family




2 weeks ago I got a courtesy call and forgot to call back. However, I would like to write to thank you. I discovered your products at the Animal Show at Olympic Stadium. I bought a 120ml bottle of Dolores for my 13 year old dog. Within days, my dog was running and showing a zest for life that we hadn't seen in a bad stretch. I have since purchased the 240ml bottle of Dolores and Arturo. Thanks to your natural products, my dog takes 30-minute walks a day and he plays with his 3-month-old sister. It is beautiful to see my dog living his last years in comfort with the good support of his joints and cartilage. So thank you for creating this product line!

-Martini and Joy

PS: we will continue to buy and recommend your products!

Rosalia and Martini