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Who we are

About us:

We are animal lovers who have already experienced painful separations because of their health problems. Like many, unable to afford surgery or long-term medication, we had to say a heartbreaking, eternal goodbye to them.

There must be other ways to treat our dear life companions!

At Phyto Ani-mal, we are working on it. Experienced in the field of natural health for several years, our phytotherapists Johanne and Stéphanie had the idea to create a range of natural products specially designed for pets. After much research, what we find on the market is nearly only homeopathic ... But what about animal herbal medicine? We have pooled our expertise with the help of a recognized laboratory, to make you natural products of superior quality. Knowing the most common health problems, our products have been carefully designed to be as effective as possible. Through a free consultation, our specialists are able to pinpoint the animal's organ in question and advise the products that best suit your pet's needs. The effectiveness of our products lies in the fact that they work to solve the health challenges at the very source of the issue.

With years of consultations, our phytotherapists have also introduce herbal medicine to their own beloved pets.  With proven concrete results and benefits, we are convinced that our products will improve quality of life and bring joy to many families.

Normand, Johanne, Yan, Stéphanie et Cédric

Our team ! On the picture (frome left to right): Normand, Johanne, Yan, Stéphanie et Cédric.