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Information about our products and services

  • Heart health (cats and dogs)



    Unfortunately, many pets are affected by heart problems. The cause of heart failure can have many origins. They can be congenital (malformation) or appear during the life of the animal.

    They ingredients in Peasy can help reduce heart palpitations, arrhythmias and blood pressure (too much stress tires the heart).


    Toxy helps fight heart-related problems. It can improve function and blood pressure, detoxifying the body and better filtering toxins from the blood.

  • Animal eye health



    Toxy To help your pet’s eyes?


    Yes 😊


    The product is made up of 5 herbs, many of them are helpful to support immune function, reduce irritation, the inflammation, tension in small circulatory ducts, soothing the eyes and improving overall eye health.

  • TV program

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  • Signs and symptoms of your pet's anxiety

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  • Phytotherapy

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  • Strengthen your pet's immune system

    In the spring there are more microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi in the environment ... Here is a video that explains what we can do to help the natural defenses and ensure that the skin, the intestinal walls, white blood cells in the lymphatic system and antibodies in the blood form a strong immune system.

    First and foremost, to help the immune system, you can make sure your pet's intestines are working well with DIGI. For stress and to reduce the risk of irritation PEASY is also recommended as well as FABIO to strengthen the defenses and further help the immune system.

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  • Joint pain

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  • Healthy skin and hair

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  • How to administer our products?

    This video will help you better understand how to give our products to your pet. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details at 1 (833) 8...