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*Cholesterol is a beneficial fatty substance in the body, but when there is too much of it, it interferes with proper blood circulation.

Digi is recommended to stimulate the liver. Stress, pollution, consumption of processed or industrial products are factors the prevent optimal functioning of the liver. We tend to forget it, but it is a key organ in a weight loss objective since it is involved in the digestion of fats. When the animal eats more than it should, the liver produces and stores too much fat. Result: toxins and other wastes accumulate, thus impairing the functioning of the liver. In addition to causing weight gain, fat storage in the body is responsible for diseases like cholesterol. By detoxifying the liver with Digi, it is allowed to regain its capacity to speed up the metabolism and consequently, to help in weight loss and to transform fat reserves into energy.

In addition, in Digi product, we find tumeric which converts cholesterol into bile acids.

Toxy is also so important because by knowing the health risks of being overweight and having cholesterol, it can help the cardiac and circulatory functions, ensure a good cleaning of the organs of elimination therefore accelerate the resultts. If we help the kidneys well, they can also improve the quality of the blood, thus adequately nourish all the cells of the body which will be reduced in wastes and toxins.

Therapeutic plants give a little help to the body that has become tired and has reduced its functions over time.

*We will never substitute medication for this problem. Herbal remedies cannot cure these conditions, but they can be used to support organs and systems that are under additional stress and help the health.


Administer orally or mix with your pet's food

Less than 10 pounds : 2 ml per day, per product

10 to 20 pounds: 3 ml per day, per product

20 to 40 pounds : 5 ml per day, per product

40 to 75 pounds : 7.5 ml per day, per product

Over 75 pounds : 10ml per day, per product

Suggested size according to weight:

Les than 10 pounds : the 120 ml size will last 8 weeks

10 to 20 pounds : the 120 ml size will last 5.7 weeks, the 240 ml size will last 11.5 weeks

20 to 40 pounds : the 120 ml size will laste 3.5 weeks, the 240 ml size will last 6.8 weeks

40 to 75 pounds : the 240 ml size will last 4.5 weeks

More than 75 pounds : the 240 ml size will last 3.5 weeks

*We advise you at least 6 to 8 weeks of administration to help cholesterol and weight loss.

For more information, please contact one of our phytotherapists, for a free consultation at 1-833-825-0011.